Exit in Red 1996

 Exit in Red 1996
A psychiatrist moves out west after he is brought up on charges of
sexual misconduct, for which his adoring, female attorney eventually
gets the charges dropped… with the hope that this will move him to
like her as much as she likes him. But it is not to be, for this is a
doctor who seems destined to be sexually involved with much more cunning
than loving women, and it isn’t long before one of them has him caught
up in an affair, only to then have her ‘husband’ come and make
accusations to the doctor. Urgently called in the night by the woman,
claiming that she is being beaten by her ‘husband’, the doctor goes to
her…. only to find that her real husband has been murdered and the man
who had been playing her husband is really her boyfriend, and the two
of them have run off. The doctor has been set up, but because of his
past, it is impossible for him to convince the law of his innocence, and
he must resolve the matter in his own way.

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