Le journal de Lady M 1993

Le journal de Lady M 1993
She’s a beautiful gifted performer, but her work is not the sort that
invites popular acclaim. Despite the fact that she is unlikely to
become famous, she enjoys her life as a performer who lives just outside
the mainstream. Awaiting her backstage one evening is a Spanish painter
who has seen her show and wants to make her acquaintance. They walk
around Paris getting to know one another, and then the painter returns
to Spain. Something about the man has moved Lady M to passion: she flies
to meet him in Barcelona and he shows her his beloved Catalonia. This
time, however, their relationship is as much about passionate lovemaking
as it is about compatibility. So smitten is Lady M with her new man
that when she discovers that the painter has a black wife and child, she
is only a little bit taken aback and she invites his whole family to
join her in Paris. Surprisingly, they do, and the number of people
sharing their love and sexual appetites changes from two to three.

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