Road Kill 1999

 Road Kill 1999
Alex is the film student forced by his college professor to stop
making Jackie Chan “homage” films and make “something from the heart” in
order to graduate. Lars is the painting student and Alex’s roommate who
is looking for a way to become a tortured artist… as long as he can
keep his BMW and American Express Gold Card. Together, they meet Blue,
who has recently moved into their apartment building. After discovering
that she’s a “hit woman,” Alex appeals to her senses as a film fan and
persuades her to let him film a documentary on her last “hit.” Heading
towards the inevitability of the “hit” in Miami, Alex interviews Blue.
Through his B&W lens he finds out why she does what she does, why
she’s afraid to fly, and about the foster father that sexually abused
her until she ran away at the age of eleven. As Alex becomes
increasingly blinded by his obsession with capturing his documentary he
risks everything and everyone, by convincing Blue to travel to New
Orleans to find her foster father. Will they get back to LA in one
piece… or will they become… Road Kill?

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